Dear applicant,

You can benefit from the psychological counselling services on the condition that you fill in both the application form and SCL-90 Psychological Symptom Checklist below which is compulsory. Otherwise, your session will be automatically cancelled.

SCL-90 Psychological Symptom Checklist:

Application Form:

After you fill in the application form and the checklist, you will be directed to “Kures Booking” Page. Through this calendar system, you can book an appointment for an intake session according to psychological counsellors’ availabilities. At this intake session, the therapist will consider the application form, the checklist and the clinical observations in line with your needs. You will be referred to the determined departments/ services (such as Kuptem, individual sessions with Kures, group sessions/ workshops or outer institutions) according to the triage to receive further support.

In case of any emergency situation, please contact the health center or a nearby emergency service.

Apart from psychological counseling service, you can get in touch with the therapists via contact information at the website.

Best wishes,